Discover Miallet at the heart of the Perigord Vert

The delightful village of Mialet (Miallet in the old Occitan dialect), is located in South West France in the Dordogne, part of the Aquitaine region. Serviced by Rivers Drone, Cole and subsidiary Coly, Mialet sits in a forested area within the Perigord-Limousin regional park ( Parc Naturel Perigord/Limousin).  


  • Le Barrage (reservoir) de Miallet: Located just 1.4 km from the centre of the village with a track approximately 9 km long around the reservoir. It’s a popular spot for both walkers and cyclists. It is also an important bird sanctuary and has a ‘visual barrier’ where you can see the likes of the Great Crested Grebe, Mallard, Gray Heron, Water Hen and Coot. The Miallet reservoir provides a stop for many migratory birds. During the two migration periods of autumn and spring, sometimes rare or accidental species can park for a few days or weeks on the reservoir. Examples include Osprey, Winter Teal, Common Pochard, Shovel Ducks, Pintail, or Gadwall. You can also see mudflat species such as the Redshank, the Dunlin, the Curlew and the Little Ringed Plover. 

    The area is also famed for the Pearl Mussel and endangered species such as an amphibian called The Yellow-Bellied Ringer, the Mercury Agrion dragonfly, a butterfly called Checkerboard of the Successor, a white-clawed Crayfish and two fish, the Sculpin and Lamprey of Planer. You can fish in the reservoir for Pike, Perch, Carp and Black Bass. 


  • Notre-Dame-du-Scapulaire: A beautiful 12th-century church in the Romanesque style.


  • War monument - A memorial to war casualties from 1870


  • Cité Découverte Nature: An interactive and fun place to visit to discover the nature of the region, open during the summer holidays.


  • Market: Every Tuesday morning there is a small market in the town hall square where at the foot of the old oak tree, traders offer fresh produce (including organic) from their farms it also includes an excellent fish stall.


  • Bastille Day: Held on 14th July, the Annual Vide Grenier and local food market runs throughout the day. In the evening the village comes together to dine under the stars on the village square in a big celebration party followed by fireworks.


  • Harvest Festival Horse and Farm Show: Held in early August this rural event showcases farm vehicles at their best plus visitors will be able to discover how horses help in the wheat harvest and threshing. Horse riding and an equestrian show pull in the crowds.

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