Discover Mialet in the
North Dordogne

The charming village of Mialet (Miallet in the old Occitan dialect), is located in the

North Dordogne (Perigord Vert), South West France     

Mialet is served by Rivers Drone, Cole and its subsidiary Coly,

and lies in a forested area within the Parc Naturel Perigord/Limousin

An aged wooden door with peeling paint and stone arch surround

History of Mialet

Formally called Mellet, the village has existed since the 11th century and was first referenced as Mialet in 1598. The region was ravaged by the English and in 1380 they took and burnt down the village's defence, called Chateau Lambertie which still exists in the North of the village but is privately owned today.  Mialet's geographical position was an important stopping point for weekly agricultural and animal-based markets. By 1846 the village school (one of the first in the department) and the town hall were opened where you see them today. To make way for the school an old church and its cemetery were demolished.

This elaborate door was saved from the demolition and relocated near the village square. Around 1886 the ring roads were built and at the same time the village mayor, Doctor Pierre Millet Lascombe gave his services to the village (who lived in the chateau opposite the gite).  By 1900 the population reached its peak of 2200 whereas today it's around 650 although it has recently started to expand again. 


The Barrage de Miallet

Le Barrage (reservoir) de Miallet lies just 1.4 km from the village centre and features a circular walking trail of about 9 km which is a popular spot for walkers and cyclists. It is also an important bird sanctuary and has a ‘visual barrier’ where you can see the Great Crested Grebe, Mallard, Grey Heron, Water Hen and Coot. The Miallet reservoir is a stopover for many migratory birds. During the two migration periods of autumn and spring, sometimes rare or accidental species may park on the reservoir. Examples include Osprey, Winter Teal, Common Pochard, Shovel Ducks, Pintail, or Gadwall. You can also see mudflat species such as the Redshank, the Dunlin, the Curlew and the Little Ringed Plover. 

The area is famous for the Pearl Mussel and endangered species such as an amphibian called The Yellow-Bellied Ringer, the Mercury Agrion dragonfly, a butterfly called Checkerboard of the Successor, a white-clawed Crayfish and two fish, the Sculpin and Lamprey of Planer. You can fish in the reservoir for Pike, Perch, Carp, Black Bass, Roach and Tench. A fishing licence can be obtained from the Mialet post office. 

Pink Mallow flowers bloom near a serene lake, under a clear blue sky.
Wood covered well surrounded by red roses

Other Points of Interest in Mialet

The beautiful church of Our Lady Mount Carmel/Notre-Dame-du-Scapulaire was built in the 12th-century church in the Romanesque style and stands in the square of the same name. The bell tower is the oldest section and may well have been part of the original village walls. Inside is the gilded statue of Saint Roch, the village protector and of epidemics, especially the plague! Outside is a beautiful old flat Dolman that allows coffins to be placed on it while waiting to enter the church.

In the same square stands the pretty village well and nearby stands 3 iron Egrets made by Sculptor Roland Malin, that were introduced in 2022. There are a further 2 Cranes near the butchers, which remind us that Mialet stands in the path of migratory birds who stop off at the Barrage.  

The Tree of Life shades the war memorial erected in 1870 to commemorate the village victims in the conflict between the Second French Empire and the North German Confederation led by the Kingdom of Prussia from 19th July 1870 to 18th January 1871.  

Look out for the old weighing station on the road near the school, It was used when Mialet held its famous livestock fairs for potatoes, calves, piglets and Limousin beef. 


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Shopping in Mialet

Butcher - Perfect for meat, and own-produced sausages, pies, pates and salads. 

Baker -  Not only will you find bread and croissants here, but a delicious selection of cakes and in summer, ice cream. 

Eco shop - Offering locally grown vegetables as well as locally sourced edibles and non-edibles such as soap.  

Epicerie - Ideal for those top-up grocery items such as fresh milk and sliced bread. 

Post Office - For stamps, parcels and also fishing licences.

Hairdresser - A salon for everybody, cuts, colours etc.  

Market: Every Tuesday morning a small market is held in the town hall square where local producers offer fresh produce from fruit and veg to goats cheese and biscuits.

Village Events

Mialet holds a number of events throughout the year. 

Bastille Day: held on the 14th July, the annual vide grenier and food market take place throughout the day. In the evening the village comes together to dine under the stars to dine together in the main square in celebration, followed by fireworks.

Harvest Festival Horse & Farm Show: This rural event is held in early August and features farm vehicles at their best and visitors can discover how horses help the farmers to wheat and thresh at harvest time. Horse riding and an equestrian show pull in the crowds.

Beaujolais Nouveau: Held on the 3rd Saturday night of November to celebrate the new Beaujolais wine of the year accompanied by food, dance and copious amounts of the wine!

A man standing next to a horse in a field, showcasing the bond between humans and animals.

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The charming village of Mialet is located in the North Dordogne, South West France in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region

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