The Covid-19 virus is very much ‘at large’ and with the absence of effective treatment or a vaccine, we all need to be aware of what measures we can take to minimise the risk of catching the infection.

  • This is a marathon, not a sprint
  • We must not drop our guard
  • We all need to adjust to a ‘new normal'
  • Together, our actions give us the power to control the spread of the virus

To this end, we have produced this COVID-19 Safety Charter for the safety of both parties. And although not law, this best practise approach lists what we are actively implementing and the expectations from our guests too. 

Through this COVID-19 Safety Charter, Your French Stay is committing to:

1.   Adopting the recommendations of the French health authorities in respect of Covid-19.

2.   Introducing personal protective equipment for cleaning will observe a human contact of a 1.0m distance.

3.   Increasing the cleaning and disinfection measures of contact points (e.g., Light switches, door handles, TV remotes etc) by adapting the cleaning-disinfection products meeting the virucidal standard EN 14 476 as indicated against Covid-19,

4.   Deep cleaning and disinfect external furniture.

5.   Washing all gite laundry to the highest temperature afforded to the item as per the washing care label.

6.   Deep cleaning via dishwasher the crockery (plates, cutlery, glasses, and cups) of the accommodation according to the recommendations of the health authorities before making the accommodation available.

7.   Checking the ventilation of all rooms in the accommodation before the accommodation is made available.

8.   Providing guests with products to clean and disinfect during the stay which meet the standard indicated against Covid-19.

9.   Restricting the supply of food items offered in the gite to only those in unopened factory sealed packaging.

10.  Rotating the Guest information folder between bookings

11. Establishing and respecting a risk management protocol in the event of suspected contagion to Covid-19.

Guest Covid-19 Checklist

When we first greet you, we will be wearing facemasks and we expect all guests to do the same. At all other times when it is necessary to meet, facemasks must be worn.

Arrival and Check-In

If you experience any coronavirus symptoms prior to travelling OR are asked to self-isolate, please do not set out on your journey.
When you check-in, we will confirm with you that neither you nor other guests have been in contact with any potential COVID-19 cases and therefore should be self-isolating at home.

  • Do not arrive earlier than our 4 pm Check-In. This is to give us the time we need for the extra cleaning required.
  • On every arrival at the gite front door following a public journey, every guest must use the alcohol-based hand gel provided before entering the property.

During your Stay

  • We will not enter your gite during your stay unless there is a problem.
  • All coughs and sneezes must be directed into tissues, then immediately sealed in a bag and binned.
  • All the teas, coffees, sugar, condiments, etc will be individually wrapped and/or changed after each party of guests leave.
  • Remote controls, hairdryers and fans will be disinfected after each set of guests.
  • Face masks will be required in public places and establishments, guests should be prepared and abide by/respect rules.
  • Most establishments require the use of provided hand gel before entering.
  • Guests must aim to always maintain 2m of others in public even though others may not be abiding by rules.
  • Guests should aim to avoid busy public areas. 
  • Carry on person small bottle of hand gel and wipes for use in public places such as shopping trolley handles, door handles etc.

Departure and checkout

  • At the end of the stay, place all leftover food items into a bin bag and put in bin provided.
  • Must put all used towels in a bin bag and close securely. Then remove all duvet and pillow covers and place in a separate binbag and close securely.
  • Weather permitting, please open the windows half an hour before departure.
  • As you check-out, we will ask you to call us to let us know if you develop symptoms within 14 days of leaving Beaux Souvenirs.