Amazing facts about the Dordogne and photos of the most visited places

Here are some amazing facts about the Dordogne, the third-largest department in France.

The Périgord or the Dordogne as it is more commonly known is rich in beautiful villages, castles, gardens, caves, churches, cathedrals and abbeys as well as rivers, forests and panoramic sites. It's very historic too from prehistory, troglodyte dwellings, and Roman buildings to Medieval cobbled back streets and lasting momentoes from WW11. 

It has...

  • 557 towns and villages 
  • 556km of navigable river
  • 191 tourist sites and monuments
  • 70 museums
  • 49 castles that can be visited
  • 32 parks and gardens
  • 15 UNESCO world heritage listed prehistoric sites
  • 11 abbeys and priories
  • 9 painted caves and shelters
  • 6 troglodyte sites and villages
  • 5 caves and chasms with crystallisations
  • 2 cities Bergerac and Perigueux 

As you can gather, the Dordogne and surrounding regions have many beautiful places to visit and explore, and as we travel around we have tried to capture, just a small selection of some of our favourite views.

We hope you feel inspired to visit these places and invite you to record your own special memories of your stay in this incredibly photogenic area.

Covering over 9000km the Perigold is bigger than you think and most of it is rural so there is plenty of space for the 3 million tourists that visit it each year.